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Because a fresh start is the only kind of start...

Bankruptcy is an ever-changing field of law. Recent legislative changes have made it more difficult to file bankruptcy but still allow for most individuals to file bankruptcy. The need for bankruptcy, however, still exists. The increased costs of medical care, combined with declining wages and an uncertain job market, meaning that debt often becomes too much for a family to bear. Given these circumstances, a family has only a few options -- sell the family home, get a second or third job, or declare bankruptcy. When you declare bankruptcy, you are making a legal statement that your debt and expenses exceed your income.


Bankruptcy is not a bad or negative thing. It is a financial decision. Corporations do it every day. United Airlines, K-Mart, and MCI are just a few of the companies that declared bankruptcy. Declaring bankruptcy is better than making your family suffer or losing your family home. Bankruptcy is a right in our Constitution and it is also mentioned and supported in the Bible. Even in the Biblical Days, creditors were trying to take advantage of helpless debtors.

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