estate planning
It's cliché but death is one of the certainties of life. Unless properly planned for, courts may end making decisions regarding your children and assets.
Corporate Law, Real Estate Litigation & Transactions
Whether it is setting up a new business, deed preparation, drafting complicated contracts, preparing for closings, or facing litigation, trust our expertise to benefit you.
Bankruptcy & Debt Settlement
The world economy has been troubled for over 10 years, leaving millions with unmanageable debt.  Bankruptcy is a tool to deal with the debt, often erasing credit card and medical debts and eliminating second mortgages/equity lines.  Contact us for a free consultation to see if bankruptcy or debt settlement works for you.
Personal Injury
Accidents happen, often due to someone else's negligence or intentional bad acts. The law provides a means for recovery. We handle products liability, motor vehicle accidents, and any other neglience actions. There are no attorneys fees until you recover.

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