Shortsales & Foreclosures

Losing a home is a tragedy; being left to pay for it over a lifetime is a catastrophe.



The American Dream - you buy a home with a loan from a mortgage lender. The home appreciates in value, you decide to sell and you make a little money. Well, that's the way it was supposed to be. For a variety of reasons, home ownership became the American Nightmare in the latter half of the 2000's. Homes depreciated in value, homeowners were stuck, many homeowners lost their jobs and then lost all the eequity in theirs homes. Unscrupulous lenders have been caught in recent years filing fraudulent paperwork or losing paperwork and then attempting to take honest people's homes without any legal standing. In one notorious case, the bank foreclosed on a home that had been completely paid off.


If you are losing your home and want to know your legal rights, contact us. There may be ways of delaying or stopping the foreclosure.

loan modifications


Even if you are in foreclosure and want to figure out a way of staying in your home, contact us. We have ways of helping you negotiate a new agreement with your lender which gives you a fresh start. Contact us today, as your their are certain time limits on your legal rights.

short sales


Lynn Law Group handled its first short sale negotiation in 2004 - well before the financial crisis that started in 2006 and was exacerbated in 2008. In 2004, many real estate agents had no idea what a short sale even meant. Today, that is surely untrue.


If you are losing your home in a foreclosure and want to avoid potentially thousands of dollars in unpayable debt, then contact us. The shortsale may be your best option at settling up with your mortgage lender.