Real Estate Law

In the world of assets, everything can fluctuate; but only land is real, hence the name.


We are able to close real estate transactions in-house with experienced real estate attorneys, knowing that your precious asset is protective from defective title issues.

Quiet Title actions

Often, real estate has defects in the title which affect the ability of the owner to hold true title. A quiet title action is a court action in which the owner can file lawsuit to clear up the title.


We are able to respresent buyers and purchasers in the negotiation of real estate contracts. In addition, one of our attorneys can attend the closing with you to review all paperwork before you sign. We can also draft mortgages, promissory loan agreements and land trusts.

other real estate matters

We able to handle almost any transaction regarding real estate. Please see our Shortsales/Foreclosures page for information regarding shortsales, foreclosures and loan modifications.